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Application is showing an error message that the project is not integrated
  1. Make sure that you have followed all steps in order to integrate
  2. Click “check integration”
  3. If there is still an information about incorrect integration and you are sure that you have followed all steps, check the option “manual confirm”
How can I use multichannel form?
Multichannel subscribe form is dedicated to users who are also integrated with newsletter platform. Using this form, they can gather agreements to pushes and e-mail addresses.
How long the notification displays?
If you didn’t check “require interaction” option, the notification will display about 5-10 seconds. But if you have checked “require interaction”, the notification will be displayed as long, as the subscriber won’t click on it or close it.
The rich push shortens my content
One of the additional functions that you may choose while creating the push is containing a larger image. This type of notification will be displayed only those subscribers, that use Google Chrome browser. The rest of subscribers, that use other browsers like Opera or Firefox receive traditional form od notification. The push with the larger image is much more effective than normal, unfortunately, prevents to contain a lot of content. The max. characters is 30 in title and 42 in the main content.
Not all subscribers received my notification, why?
Some of your recipients may:
  1. have a lost status
  2. have their computers turned off/logout
  3. have the battery safe mode turned on in their mobile devices, that it sometimes prevents receiving pushes
I can’t subscribe to notifications
  • you are using incognito mode on your browser
    Never test subscription on web push in incognito mode. Despite the fact that subscription form will appear, the subscription in confirm window is impossible.
  • you are already subscribed
If none of above, reset browser settings and try to subscribe again.
How can I reset browser settings?
  1. Enter chrome://serviceworker-internals/ in the adress bar
  2. Search your website and click Unregister
  3. Go to your website
  4. Click F12 and click “application” tab, you will see IndexDB
  5. Click IndexDB, next click pushpushgo. Delete it (delete database)
  6. In the place where you enter www addresses, you will see a little padlock – click on it. In menu click – notifications -> allow

  1. Enter about:debugging#workers in the address bar
  2. Look for your website address in service threads
  3. Click Unregister
  4. The next step is to enter your website and click F12
  5. Choose data
  6. Click IndexDB -> your website -> pushpushgo
  7. Right click on pushpushgo and delete it
I can’t see the second confirmation window during subscription
  • you are using incognito mode
  • this browser is not cooperating with web push
  • you are already subscribed to this page
Which browsers support web push notiofications?
Browsers which support web push are: Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera oraz Safari. See our support table.
How do we identify the subscribers?
The web push technology is based on service workers in your browser, so the subscriber is identified by the browser he is using. Our platform does not use any personal data or cookies files to identify subscriber.
Who is an active subscriber?

An active subscriber is a person who allowed receiving notifications and still may receive them. We charge for every active subscriber.

What is the lost subscriber?
We mark subscribers with lost status when they didn’t receive a notification, from one of the following reasons:
  • they unsubscribed using browser settings
  • they uninstalled the browser
  • they uninstalled the ServiceWorker in the browser
  • for some reason, notification server cannot deliver the notification and it returns an error message.
Lost subscribers are marked grey in the subscribers table and they won’t receive notifications any more. We do not charge for lost subscribers.
My account is blocked, despite making a payment
There are two ways of making payments:
  • using application - in this case, money should be transferred immediately,
  • using traditional transfer - in this case money transfer can take up to two days. In case of any problems with payments please contact us on support@pushpushgo.com

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