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Why So Many Brands Choose Video Marketing?

Video marketing - why companies need it? This question comes in mind of many people. According to a report, an average business publishes around 18 videos each month, 85% of businesses produce...

03/04/2019 5 min
Email marketing: is it the only way to build a customer base?

Email marketing is still one of the most successful strategies in lead generation, and it’s a powerful channel for engaging your target audience. However, there are still other effective ways to do this.

03/20/2019 8 min
Web push notifications in online stores - 4 reliable scenarios you can implement now

Messages that are sent in response to a given website user's behaviour gain almost 4 times more clicks than those sent to a mass audience. Web push notifications are not an exception. Check out these 4 automation scenarios for an easy start.

02/25/2019 10 min
How to increase online store sales? 6 useful tips

In line with the growing e-commerce market, the number of stores online is also on the rise. Competition is getting harder and the question 'how to increase sales in an online store?' is more than ever relevant.

02/13/2019 7 min
B2B lead generation: how to generate more sales leads?

There are a lot of obstacles that make the valuable B2B lead generation an increasingly difficult task. We'll show you how to plan sales leads generation so that it will bring results in the shortest possible time.

02/06/2019 18 min
How to recover abandoned carts?

Abandoned carts are a real headache for the online store manager. How can we take care of a smaller number of abandoned baskets or lack of them? These questions will be answered in the following article.

01/30/2019 5 min


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