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5 ingenious ways to use web push notifications

Web push notifications are a new player among online marketing channels. They have quickly become an important element of the marketing mix of many companies around the world...

09/02/2018 8 min
A checklist for choosing the best application for web push notifications

Web push notifications have caused a breakthrough in the field of online marketing. Due to the possibility of immediate contact with the subscriber without the need to reach an email inbox, when it comes to

09/02/2018 8 min
5 important things to know about web push notifications

Web push, or web push notifications, are a new online marketing channel that went live in April of 2015. It’s a technology that allows marketers to communicate in real time at exactly the moment when, for example, they’re viewing...

09/02/2018 4 min
4 ways to boost the effectiveness of your web push campaigns

Web push notifications have quickly established themselves as an essential tool for quickly generating traffic and increasing sales in ecommerce. Getting the attention of customers is hard but PushPushGo customers who optimize...

09/02/2018 5 min
8 key differences between newsletters and web push

Email marketing generates an average of 18% of all orders in ecommerce. With the development of the possibilities of modern web browsers, a new competitor has arrived. Do you share a newsletter in your online store?

08/05/2018 8 min
How to enable notifications on a particular website

To enable web push notifications on a particular website, click on the icon located in the top bar, before the URL: Icon on website without HTTPS: Icon on website with HTTPS: When you click on the icon, you will see a panel...

08/05/2018 1 min


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